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What are the advantages of the 2021 New drawer lash boxes?

What are the advantages of the 2021 New drawer lash boxes?

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

The creation of beauty is a kind of talent that relies on intuition; and the design of beauty is more compromised and considerate. The eyelash box design does not seek to be stunning, but to leave some marks over a long period of time. Small Eyelash Packaging improvements can also convey careful thoughts, and the change in the box shape can bring this. For example, custom-made drawer type Lash Packaging Boxes have these advantages.

1. The appearance of the product is more attractive, which will double your product sales.

2. Consumers can see your products clearly, and product promotion becomes more effective.

3. Show your products better and make it easy for customers to purchase.

4. Help improve the product’s market positioning and product quality.

5. Able to cooperate with product promotion activities.

pull out Custom Eyelash Packaging Box


The drawer type is also called the pull type. The Drawer-type eyelash packaging box has the characteristics of firmness, thickness and convenient use because it has a double-layer structure and a pull-out form.

This Drawer-style DIY Eyelash Packaging looks like a drawer at home, and the box can be opened from the side to see the goods inside. These boxes are not only very sturdy, can provide the greatest safety and hygiene guarantee for your eyelashes, but also have an elegant appearance. Also adding your eyelash logo and brand name will be very attractive, and you will feel surprised when you open it.《How To Buy a Customized Eyelash Box?》

pull out Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

The wholesale price is very good, and the minimum order quantity is only 30 pieces.

The drawer type Lash Packaging Box can also divide the mink eyelashes into different categories to make them more tidy. It is also easier to be used as a storage box, which reduces the waste of resources to a certain extent, and at the same time can achieve the publicity effect of the eyelash brand.《Do you need to custom your own branded lash packaging box?》

pull out Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

The above are the advantages of Custom Pull Packaging Boxes, which will be carefully conveyed, and at the same time, consumers can feel the humanized design of eyelash packaging and have a good impression of the brand.

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