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What is the best lashes wholesale?

What is the best lashes wholesale?

Lashes can make your eyelashes look fuller. A pair of easy-to-use striped mink eyelashes can immediately help you improve your makeup level and take it to a whole new level.

Eyelash Packaging BoxMink Eyelash Vendors

Lashes can increase the volume and length of eyelashes and make them more attractive. In this article, as a professional Eyelash Vendor, we have summarized the popular Wholesale Mink Eyelashes style and length to help you make a wise choice. Scroll down to view them!

1. What material of lashes should I choose?

If you are looking for a natural look, choose mink eyelashes. After all, there is nothing more natural than using real mink! These eyelashes have natural qualities that you cannot get from synthetic eyelashes.

Lash ManufacturersEyelash Manufacturer

2.The shape of the eye is an important factor in choosing the right eyelashes.

The shape of the eyes is also an important detail to keep in mind when buying eyelashes. For example, if your eyes are covered with a head covering, choose the longer eyelash band in the middle to help open your eyes. If your eyes are round, choose curled eyelashes to accentuate the outer corners.

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3. The details of eyelashes that cannot be ignored.

Small details such as the color of the eyelash band are essential to make the eyelashes look the most natural. Nude or transparent color bands will look more natural, but this type of band will easily change color after long-term use. The black lash band will add more clarity to your eyes. No matter which color you choose, if you want your eyelashes to look more natural, the makeup artist recommends “disguise the eyelash band by applying a black eyeliner”《How to make your own eyelashes?》

4. How to start eyelashes for beginners?

If you are new to eyelashes or beginners, please do not use eyelashes larger than 16mm. Choose lighter eyelashes and natural-style eyelashes that will not depress or make eyelashes uncomfortable. In order to better adapt to eyelashes, please start with natural 3D mink lashes that are suitable for most people.

16mm lashes3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

5. What type of lashes do people prefer?

For example, our famous Eyelash Vendor USA Lilly lashes, Lilly Lashes is actually a false eyelash brand founded by reality star Lillyghalichi. It is the fake eyelashes used by big stars such as Kim Kardashian, KylieJenner, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, etc.!

mm mink lashes

There are also many styles of false eyelashes on the website. We can see that there are two 16mm 3D mink Lashes that have received the most customer feedback and purchases.

The first hand-made round 3D mink eyelashes. ultra-wispy set of false lashes is ideal for achieving an Insta-worthy glam finish. Adds length, volume and seduction to any look, while still being incredibly lightweight for a comfortable wear. Suitable for weddings, photos, and daily use.
In our eyelash catalog, this kind of similar style of eyelashes, there are also many customers like it and good customer feedback.

Wholesale Mink Lashes

The second kind of 3D mink lashes add enviable volume and depth to your lash look and is ideal for those who want their eye look to be ultra glam. The unique design of interlacing’V’ shaped clusters creates the dramatic lash look while still providing seamlessly blended results with your natural lashes for a flirty, full finish. This eyelash is the favorite of the famous Kardashian family.

3D Mink Lash Wholesale Vendors

Regarding the recommendation of 25mm Lashes, I refer to our Wholesale 25mm Lashes sales and Amazon’s highest-selling 25mm eyelash styles. Recommend these eyelash styles for you. The large eyelash styles attract the eye, and the textured pattern adds a beautiful drama. These soft black cotton eyelashes are durable and are carefully crafted by hand. These 25mm lashes can easily bring a plump look.

25MM LASHES25mm mink lashes25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale

If you want to start your own eyelash business or find some suitable eyelashes, you can continue to follow us. We will continue to provide you with more useful information for your reference.

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