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Why are our mink lashes cruelty-free?

Why are our mink lashes cruelty-free?

Rolls lashes 3D mink eyelashes are made of 100% natural mink. These real mink eyelashes are made of carefully selected mink fur. We collect mink hair naturally shed by the mink, and we also regularly comb the hair for them. In the process, it will not cause harm to the animals. These 3d mink eyelashes are 100% handmade without chemical treatment or dyeing. They are very rich and their velvety appearance can be completely retained in the mink. These mink eyelashes are tried on real mink eyelashes which are the softest hair in the world.

Natural free range mink

Our company has been in operation for nearly ten years. We have a professional Lash manufacturer. We guarantee that our eyelashes are cruelty-free. Now we have obtained the certificate of the World Organization for the Protection of Animals. Work with you to protect animals. They are very cute. They deserve our protection.

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Biological and ecological protection certificate

We also know that some Eyelash vendors will kill minks to obtain mink hair. This is very inhumane. We resolutely resist. Our minks are not ordinary minks, but Siberian minks. The price is very high. We have professional staff. Pay attention to their health and hope that they can thrive every day.

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