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Why can’t we choose cheap wholesale mink lashes?

Why can’t we choose cheap wholesale mink lashes?

There are many cheap mink eyelashes on the market, even if the price is lower than our cost price. So let us consider this question. Although there are many hairs on mink fur, the only tuft of hair on the tail can be used to make eyelashes. Therefore, the yield of hair is very low. Although it can be reproduced in batches, the yield will not be very high. After cutting off the hair on the tail this time, it will take a long time for the hair to grow next time. Now, the demand for Mink Eyelashes in the international market is increasing, which is why there are so many low-priced eyelashes on the market.

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Rolls Lashes use the best Siberian mink eyelashes. We raise our own mink to reduce production costs. In terms of copying and processing, we also have our own processing plant, and we have our own workers responsible for the assembly and production of eyelashes. In terms of sales, we have our own sales department and operation department. You can find our company directly. Our online business staff will contact you 24 hours a day. When you need us, we will appear in front of you as soon as possible.

《Why Are Our 3D Mink Eyelashes Slightly Different From Each Shipment?》

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You get what you pay for, so can you treat those cheap eyelashes as real mink eyelashes? When the price goes down, quality and service go down. When your customers buy your low-priced eyelashes and find quality problems, will they buy them from you next time? When you think of bargaining, this actually has a huge impact on your eyelash business, so you still have to choose high-quality eyelashes. Of course, we don’t recommend choosing too expensive eyelashes. We can choose Wholesale Mink Eyelashes that are suitable for our own eyelash business.

How To Start Your Own Eyelash Business And Make Profit?》

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