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Why choose lash manufacturer?

Why choose lash manufacturer?

Rolls lashes is a professional Lash manufacturer. We are a professional Eyelash factory and Eyelash packaging factory. Why choose us instead of a trading company?

Lash vendors

Trading companies generally don’t know much about the product, they can find the source, but they don’t know much about the product itself. This is because they have to deal with many different products, lack technical understanding of the products, and do not understand the requirements related to safety. They are just doing business. The factory can better control production, quality and delivery time. This can save you a lot of expenses. The factory can provide customers at the lowest price. When problems are encountered, the factory, as a producer, has a better ability to deal with and feedback problems than trading companies.

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Mink lashes

1. More variety of products

Our Mink eyelash styles are 16mm/20mm/22mm/25mm mink lashes. There are more than 100 different styles of eyelashes, including 3D mink lashes 5D mink lashes 7D mink lashes. The Lash box  in nearly 200 different styles. Diamond eyelashes packaging box, Flip lid eyelash packaging , pull-out lash box, etc., and we provide more than 50 Free logo designs. Eyelash tweezers, eyelash glue and glue pen and Brush, we all have many different styles.

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custom eyelash packaging usaLash box

Lash manufacturer

2.Lash manufacturer  has fast delivery and low MOQ

We have sufficient stock of eyelashes every day, and we can arrange delivery orders directly for you. The minimum order quantity of our customized eyelash boxes with your logo is only 30 pcs The production time can be controlled within 4-5 days and shipped by FedEx. , It only takes 3-4 days to reach the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries.


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3. High-quality service

We are  Lash manufacturer, and we also have professional sales staff who will provide you with one-to-one service. They have received professional training and are very knowledgeable about all of our products. They can arrange orders and after-sales service for you in time .Rolls lashes your best eyelash business partner.

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