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Why choose mink eyelashes?

Why choose mink eyelashes?

1. What are mink eyelashes?

Minks lashes have light mink hairs and are comfortable to wear because their fibers are softer, lighter and naturally curly. Rolls Mink lashes, which we also use handmade cotton straps, are very flexible and offer unparalleled comfort and ease of application. Each strand of his mink’s eyelashes is hand-crafted to create a unique natural effect that no machine or artificial eyelash can emulate. Each hair is super-fine, with tapering ends and eyelashes that are almost identical to your own.The long Mink eyelashes are like dense woods next to a clear lake, giving people a deep and mysterious feeling.

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2. What are synthetic eyelashes?

The most common false eyelashes on the market are made of Synthetic materials, usually plastic fibers, which look unnatural because they are thicker than normal human eyelashes and have shorter ends. They can also be quite heavy and uncomfortable to wear because of thicker and less ductile straps.

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From the above two points, Mink eyelashes that are not severely out of the game are the best choice to create your personal Eyelash brand.After hundreds of experiences and experiments, we could succeed in making mink eyelashes that are perfectly fit for people, this is the result of our joint efforts, and we also do a lot of questionnaires, “what do you think of wearing the eyelash?”Our customer Robyn said: ‘’The eyelids move slightly, and the long mink eyelashes also tremble, like the wings of a butterfly’’

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Before we put the product to the market, we will improve our experience satisfaction by 90%, and look forward to their feedback, then listen to the feedback from our customers and make further revision. After two-years hard work, we have produced the most perfect one, we can say that we are succeeded.

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