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Why choose mink lashes?

Why Choose Mink Lashes?

It is almost one of the pursuits of all girls, and some girls are born with short and sparse eyelashes. Using mascara can not achieve the desired effect, so false eyelashes appear. This is simply a gospel for the sisters with short eyelashes. The question is, how to choose eyelashes!

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First of all, we have to understand the classification of lower eyelashes!
According to the material of the eyelashes:
Artificial synthetic eyelashes, silk protein fiber eyelashes, mink eyelashes, etc.

Synthetic eyelashes:

Advantages: low price, diverse styles, and individual colors can be selected.

Disadvantages: The material is harder, heavier, and easy to crush the eyelashes.

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Silk protein fiber lashes

Advantages: The weight is the lightest among the three, it is not easy to collapse the eyelashes, and has a certain shape and curling degree.

Disadvantages: fewer styles, among the three.

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Mink lashes

Advantages: close to real human hair, soft and natural hair, and good gloss.

Disadvantages: Like human hair, the curl is easy to drop when exposed to water, and there is no choice of thickness.

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First, length selection:

If you like natural-style eyelashes, the best length is 16mm-20mm, which can be designed to fit natural eyelashes.
Eyelashes have different lengths from 16mm to 25mm. Choosing 22-25MM Lashes will be more inclined to dramatic eyelash style.

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Second, the choice of curl shape:

The common arcs are D-shaped, C-shaped, and J-shaped. The curl of the eyelashes is the same as the curvature of the letter, D is the most curled, C type is second, and J type is again. Therefore, the J roll is a good choice for natural effects, and the C roll is more fashionable and the hottest roll. It looks real and exaggerated. Now more and more customers like exaggerated curling.

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Finally, let’s summarize:

Compared with other kinds of eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes are harder, but their curling degree and shape are better, which can clearly reflect the effect of eyelash beautification.

There are many types of protein fiber eyelashes. Take silk protein fiber eyelashes as an example. This kind of eyelashes is the closest to natural eyelashes. It is relatively soft, has a certain shape and curl, and has a natural effect.

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Mink eyelashes, which are extremely soft eyelashes, can make the eyelashes thick and slender after use. They are also very soft and comfortable.

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So overall, the best effect is mink eyelashes.
Of course, you can also choose the most suitable eyelashes rationally according to your needs, referring to the advantages and disadvantages of the above categories.

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