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Why different mink switches different cost?

Why different mink switches different cost?

1 Different product process

This is one of the main point if you want to do business line with your Lashes Vendor. Utmost switches seller use easy process way to produce the mink eyelashes, and only many switches plant would choose the stylish way which wast time and energy to do this.
As we said ahead, utmost mink switches seller use chemical liquid to do 3D effect, and we use physical ways to do 3D mink switches effect, which waste too important time and energy.

25mm lashesMink Lash Vendors

But the switches will make a huge difference. One is bad to your eye and skin, one is the safe and healthy dyads.
Your client will get the point one day.

2 Different Raw Material

the stylish mink switches switches will elect stylish mink fur from Young minks. But the bad switches will use the broken mink fur, so if you buy a cheap mink switches, you can find the broken mink fur fluently.

3D MINK LASHESMink Lashes Wholesale

3 Different Style and design

Different developer make different art workshop, if the switches plant have developer, they can do any style switches for you, and if the Lashes Factory do n’t have the developer, what they can do is just copy the others style, they just copy the style but they can’t copy the soul of the switches.
So the developer and the professed workers are the soul of the switches assiduity.

13MM LASHES3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

Still, you can’t identity which switches plant have their own developer, if you need help we will help you, If you’re new to this assiduity.

4 Comfort position of wearing

This is one of the crucial points to measure good quality Mink Eyelashes.
Stylish Mink Eyelash must be comfortable, and soft, and no sense of weight, our luxury switches can indeed wear them on bed to sleep.

But the bad one will beget eyelash fatigue indeed they can beget eyelash complaints.

So the cheap switches are the most precious switches on this point.

16mm lashesMink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

5 Working life

The poor mink switches can only use 1 time, and also will take off the furs, but the good bone can be applicable up to 25 times, if we calculate the cost of each times, the cheap poor mink switches will much more precious than the top grade luxury mink switches on this point.
So you should take good care of your luxury switches, and wash them, clean them, and they will be as same as the new bone.

How To Find A Lash Vendor

Noway pay too important attention to the quality and healthy. This is the directly reason why further and further girls would choose Luxury Mink Switches.

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