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Why do so many people want to buy 6D series 20MM mink lashes?

Why do so many people want to buy 6D series 20MM mink lashes?

More and more people want to buy 6D Series 20MM Mink Eyelashes instead of 3D series 25MM Mink Eyelashes and natural eyelashes mink. Why do so many people want to buy 20mm mink eyelashes?

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First of all, we should know what the 6D series 20mm mink eyelashes are.
The longest length of 20mm mink eyelashes is 20mm. It is a moderate length, very luxurious and not too exaggerated. It is suitable for most people.

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Secondly, why are 20mm mink eyelashes more and more popular?
From the beginning, most people wanted to choose 16mm natural mink eyelashes, because they are more natural eyelash styles. This is suitable for beginner eyelashes and some customers who pursue natural style. In 2019, 25mm 3D mink Leather eyelashes are the most popular styles on the market, because of the dramatic long time and gorgeous appearance, they become popular products. Some customers will say that they are like spiders on the eyes. It’s too exaggerated, but I want some bolder ideas, so 20mm 6D Mink Lashes has gradually become a trend-leading fashion.

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The price of 6D series 20MM Mink Eyelashes is cheaper than that of 25mm mink eyelashes. The wholesale price is based on your quantity. Moreover, if you order in bulk, it will be much cheaper than 25mm mink lashes dramatic eyelashes, and they are affordable mink eyelashes. And most girls want to buy such eyelashes at a reasonable price.

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Where can I buy 6D series 20mm mink eyelashes?
You can buy through Mink Lashes Vendors. Every batch of mink fur wholesalers will provide you with 20mm mink fur. You should first ask for the product catalog. If you trust, they will choose your favorite products and the most popular styles. Our brand new 20mm 6D mink Lashes welcomes you to buy.

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