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Why is the eyelash business getting better and better?

Why is the Eyelash Business Getting Better and Better?

The French once said: The sexiest part of a woman is not the breasts, but the long eyelashes like 25mm Lasehes
The explosive growth of eyelash orders is the pursuit of life rituals for beautiful women, and it is also an aesthetic just after lipstick.

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From the sales data of Lash Manufacturers, we can know that different women around the world have a preference for false eyelashes. For example, mink eyelashes with a length of 16-25mm are more popular among European and American women, while oriental women including China, Japan and South Korea prefer 12-16mm. A style with less curl and fewer roots.
This not only reflects the aesthetic system of different regions, but also reflects the diversity of eyelashes.

《How To Choose Hand-Made Mink Eyelashes?》

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Don’t underestimate false eyelashes, its history can be traced back to the 19th century. Under the trend of long eyelashes, there is even a very extreme beauty method: transplanting hair to the eyelids. This operation does not require anesthesia and the process is quite painful. However, there are still people willing.

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Cooperate with a trusted Eyelasher Wholesale Vendors
Choosing a professional Mink Eyelash Vendors is very important because it is related to the price, quality, supply stability and final profit of your product. Therefore, you can try Rolls Lashes. 3D multi-layer mink eyelashes, the minimum order quantity of Eyelash Vendors can meet your flexibility when choosing the style and quantity of false eyelashes.

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Rollslashes continuously introduces new style eyelashes, supports customized eyelashes, and can design fashionable and beautiful eyelashes. Such creativity and innovation can ensure that your eyelash business is always ahead of fashion.

《How Fast Is The Production Time And Shipping Time Of Lash Vendors?》

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