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Why is the price of mink lashes different?

Why Is The Price Of Mink Lashes Different?

Now that the eyelash business is growing stronger and stronger, there are many large and small Eyelash Vendors. The quotation is also different, so what determines the wholesale price of Mink Eyelashes?

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The first is the difference in material. Mink eyelashes are made of mink hair. The price of mink hair is different. The best Siberian mink hair is the best quality, gloss and flexibility are good, so the price It is also the highest. The price of a bundle of Siberian mink is 1.5 times that of ordinary mink. If ordinary mink is used, the cost will be greatly reduced, and the quality will also be reduced. Raw materials are the key factor affecting the price of eyelashes.

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Second, whether the eyelashes are made by hand. In China, a skilled eyelash maker now earns 45$ per day. In order to ensure the quality of eyelashes, each person can only produce 20 pairs of qualified mink eyelashes per day. A machine can produce 100 pairs of eyelashes in 8 hours, which is 5 times that of manual labor and only costs 3$ a day in electricity. The cost is obvious, so what is the difference between manual and machine production? Why do some eyelash suppliers not choose high-efficiency machine manufacturing?

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First of all, we can see the difference from the appearance. The machine manufacturing is more rigid, it will be fake, and the handmade ones are more like people’s real eyelashes, vivid and real, which is why there are still many traditional techniques still reserved With ancient hand-made, craftsman’s ingenuity, inherit high-quality manufacturing. When you really wear them, you will feel a big difference. The handmade ones will feel natural and comfortable. If you use them properly, you can use them 15-20 times repeatedly, while the machine-made ones can only be used 3-5 times. Because the machine only pursues efficiency, it is not as careful as people. The machine only follows a line, it will not change, and it will not pay attention to details.

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This is the reason why the wholesale price of eyelashes has its own high and low. I do not recommend that you buy mink eyelashes with too low price. Low price means low quality and high risk, difficult to sell, and many after-sales problems. Of course, some customers will say that the price is too high , I will have no profit. The sales price of eyelashes in each region and the purchasing power of customers are different, so we can choose a medium price to choose a supplier, Rolls Lashes is a professional mink eyelash wholesale supplier. Our price includes better With quality control and better after-sales service, we will provide you with our best-selling eyelash styles and different styles of Eyelash Packaging, and provide you with one-stop service until you get a successful eyelash business

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