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Will Mink lashes remain the same and curly after a wash or long time wear?

Will Mink lashes remain the same and curly after a wash or long time wear?

First of all, our Mink eyelashes can be washed. There are many eyelash suppliers. Their quality is poor. The eyelashes are disposable. They will lose hair and deform after use. Our mink eyelashes are made of Siberian mink.and only the hair on the tail of the mink is the closest to the characteristics of human eyelashes.

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Secondly, in terms of production, the method we choose is purely Hand-Made, and our workers are all employing superb skills, and when setting the shape, we use the high-temperature treatment method. Can maintain the flexibility of eyelashes to the greatest extent.Because the eyelashes are very tough, they can be used repeatedly 15-20 times. Even after washing, they can still maintain the original curl.

《Why Choose us as an Eyelash Vendors?》

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We have our own quality inspection department, and every pair of mink eyelashes are qualified products that have passed strict quality inspections.Our quality inspectors will check the curling degree of the eyelashes, whether there is any unevenness, whether the fixing glue is firm, whether the eyelash band is tough.

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Rolls lashes is a famous Wholessale Lash Vendors which suported by her own lash factory, which has 7 years Wholesale Mink Lashes producing experiences, strong designer team, skillful workers,these solid foundations ensure that we can produce high-quality popular eyelashes!

《How Do I Find A Mink Lashes Vendor?》

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